Friday, March 22, 2013


                                                         INDIAN ANTIQUES HUNTER               


                I just i want show how can know the difference between original & duplicate.
                There is such people whom they just want to cheat Innocent Hunter.
                But we can not forget that, such extremely rare valuable  things are exists in our locality.
                Its real & exists but we have to experts for differentiate between them.

Never you think those things are exists or not. It's real and authentic but some people wants to cheat with faked items.You definitely knew about British coins & notes because it's truth,Each things about East India COMPANY is real.

Recently a notes sell from Chatishgrah area that's was a authentic East India COMPANY notes.In Chatishgrah many antiques are present but peoples are cheater they cheat most of times.I just telling you a real fraud case from Chatishgrah area,Some times ago five antiques hunter are listening about 1818 East India company coins from Chatishgrah area.The owner of the coins demand them a small huge amount of 5 lack rupees.Since those hunter are quickly went there with money, when they reached there home 4 peoples are in their home,they so the coin hunter are test everything what they knew & said coins was original,the owner ask him for money, when hunters show the money after that 10-12 peoples are came there & argued with them trying to scared them. They doesn't leave them with money they quarreled & took all the money.
The hunters are harassed & come back with their life's. So this kind of fraud was did if you go unknowns place. This case was real, asked me if you have any question for further case or anything about you wants to know don't has-sited asked me your q? to my mail freely add2dollar@ am telling you another real case situation also.
Read carefully my other article know real price & real deal, I am updating if i have any information about any deal or discovery of any treasure, More things are their but some are confidential & classified I can't tell you everything's in details but i can help you if you are a Beginner of this field or help you if you are a information seeker. You might think how can i know all about this, My father was a treasure hunter from long times ago & also i am, when i was a child my father first discover from his own old home.I am in the field of IT so i have not enough time for its, My father was a Government servant he doesn't have also enough time but he hunting when he got some free time. You don't think it was easy task that you just search & found it. Its need more knowledge more patience,hard work & also you need some good friends, why you need good friend because its not a work to do alone you need a group, some times its becomes dangerous & make trouble. I am creating this blog because more times more people i see facing much troubles & they have to cheated also. If you go through this field at first you have to aware but no buddy are here perfect so might be you cheated but you gain some knowledge when you cheated. I think now i stop here because there is so many things that if we have talk. Such things are there that i can not show or talk directly if you want some information than ask me freely with my mail. So keep searching have hope,did well i am sure you got succeeds one day.                                                                 
                                                * GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU *