Indian One Rupee Note

                                                                 One Rupee Note

Indian one rupee was so valuable if it was from the year of 1962,1982,1995,1996,1997,these years notes are very rare but unfortunately we have not any image of them.Collector are interested on those Indian notes so if you searching one rupee notes than carefully take a look of the authentication procedure its may help you.  

Most valuable are only these year of  notes 1962,1982 & 1995.

Indian one rupee note 1995
The year of 1995 one rupee note was singed by Montek Singh Ahluwalia he was a is an Indian economist and civil servant. He is currently the Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission of the Republic of India. He was previously the first Director of the Independent Evaluation Office at the International Monetary Fund.
The 1995 one rupee note was rare.


Authentication -1:You have to see on the white area of the note there is a water mark of ASHOK  
                       2: All the notes are on that time stapled because the bundled are stapled by pin. so a two or 
                           more holes are must there.
                       3: The note has a coin image & that image ring was lighting like radium if you lighted by torch.