J.B Taylor 100 Rupee Note

                                                      GOVERNOR Sir James Taylor

About J.B Taylor :
Sir James Braid Taylor (1891 – 1943) was the second Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, holding office from 1 July 1937 until his death on 17 February 1943. He succeeded Sir Osborne Smith who was the Governor from 1 April 1935 to 30 June 1937.
                                   He was the second Governor, his signature was the first to appear on the currency notes of the Indian rupee. His second term came to an end when he died in office on 17 February 1943. He was succeeded by Sir C. D. Deshmukh who became the first Indian to lead the Reserve Bank of India.

J.B Taylor 100 rupee note Bombay issue
This note having more than two different types of issue But collector mostly interested in CALCUTTA & BOMBAY issued. 
This note was so rare it had been carry more than 50 lakh value.For its rare & value price people are made high quality forgeries so be careful when you went to buy or observe it.     

NOTE Authentication -1:You have to see on the white area of the note there is a water mark of King face. 
                        2: A silver security thread  of U shape is there.
                        3: On the middle of the note (Hundread rupee Reserve Bank Of India) is printed by water mark.
                        4: All the notes are on that time stapled because the bundled are stapled by pin. so a two or more holes are
must there.
                        5: The  paper was old, It never looked new.