Most Valuable Indian Coin

                                               PEOPLE IN SEARCH OF INDIAN COIN

Most Searching  Indian & East Indian Company rare coin :
Collector are interested on these coin because these are one of the most rare coin of India. 

ONE Naya paisa :Year of 1964.
               (CONDITION):Written as "ONE NAYA PAISA" ,&  made of brass.
This coin was very rare at that time three mint was published of this design but in that three design coin metal are different types.This combination of metal was very rare. Since for the reason of  in that case collector are need this coin.                                           
This coin are having 40 to 50 thousand rupee value,depend on the condition & grading of this coin.                                            
Most of original coins are already sell between 20 to 30 thousand.

1957 Horse logo One paisa

     HORSE Logo one paisa: Year of  1946,1957,1958 are Interested by collector, mostly 1957 one paisa was rare its value did not consider by collector but its value greater than other two published coin.Same procedure  you applied on this coin touched its surface its never roughed & compared with other published original coin.


Five paisa 1964
FIVE paisa coin : Year of  1962,1963,1964 or made of before coins are need but made of brass metal.
 (CONDITION) : All five paisa made of brass metal can eligible for buy & In coin, bottom of  "ASHOK STHAMBHA" a template was written as (SATYA MEBA JAYATE IN HINDI LETTER). Collector needs its because it was rare old antique & some of Five paisa has the different power likes flame pulling function, color blue function, at this point its value was grow more than its plan coin. But carefully because of its demand fake coins are much in market one of this image was also a fake coin. Rare piece of coins letter never up to the surface of coin its surface was smooth, letter are in sequence. A good examiners can determine the exact coin of five paisa. Because of its fake makers, collector are did not interested now for plane coin. If you have functional coin than its sell quickly. Neither if you  have a authentic coin than also its sell in low cost. A functional can sell more than 50 lakh.
A plane authentic coin decrease its value now its sell now less than 30 thousand rupee. 

25 paisa Tiger Image

   TIGER Logo 25 paisa coin : Year of 1969,1970,1971.
   We have not proper image of 25 paisa but it was so rare coin of India some of these year of coin was published since it was rare for.Collector interested if you have real authentic coin of these coin but it was not so heavy value,for one of these coin collector gives 10 to 15 thousand rupee.     


 ONE RUPEE COIN  : Year of  1972 & 1985.
Now the collector's stop collecting the coin 1971. So please don't searching the coin 1971. It has now Zero value.
      (CONDITION) : Weight is above 9 gram.
These coins are rare but collector said a Mumbai mint coin was publish, a small B was created at the bottom of the year that was Mumbai mint that was so rare,but other coin are also buy by collector if that was authentic than.
Now a high quality fake forgeries coin are make by cheaters One of the good examiner can differentiate between them.If it is a authentic coin  than when you touched the coin surface its never roughed.Because they used a grained process that can be loos all the roughness of the surface of coins.
It should be sell the value of 40 to 70 thousand rupee, It has more than one design & weight.Value should be differ because of its weight & conditions.

Indra gandhi 5 rupee coin

 Five Rupee Indra gandhi coin: Indra Gandhi side face coin was rare some of coin having some specific weight,Only that coins are collector wants.value of this coin from 30 to 50 thousand rupee. Most of coins having weight 12 grams but its doesn't have value.
Fake coin maker exactly make the coin but that must be identify by collector so Use a touching technique for fake coin examine.
(CONDITION) : Weight must matched with the rare coin (above than 15 gm).
Indra Gandhi One rupee coin also very rare coin but it was must contain weight of 10 grams,Unfortunately we have not one rupee coin image, all the front face coin in markets are fake.since collector now not Interested in this coin.

1835 plane flag coin

Cross flag 1835 East India Company Coin: This coin was a Extremely rare coin & good value.Two different types of mint was published,one is cross flag & another is simple flag. But we have not exact image of cross flag, we have the image of plane flag.
On the coin two flag are their,both of the flag must cross than that should be a rare coin piece.
1835 cross flag have the function, if function is did by coin than its going to be much value instead of  a plan coin. Function coin having price of more than 5 lakh & plane coin having more than 20,000 rupee.
Function : Take half of water in a glass & use 5 drop of Ujala blue(use must be liquid blue ) mix it properly with water & drop the coin in the glass.Take time from 20- 30 minutes, look water & color are differentiate or not. After one hour it must be differ the water & color.
Another function is flame function if coin pull the candle flame than its satisfy. 

1839 Victoria coin

1839 Victoria Coin : One of the coin that was so rare in India is 1839 Victoria coin.This was a plan coin that most attract to the collector,its authentication define its trade mark which was surface of the one side of the coin.One side define a image of Victoria & another side its define trade mark &  value of the coin.Fake coin must make by cheater but never made a real good forgeries.Same rule is applied  here its surface must smooth never rough. Its trade mark was little different from another you can easily differentiate. Collector buy it easily with a offer of more than 50,000 rupee.