S. Jagannathan 5 & 20 Rupees Notes

                                                                  Sarukkai Jagannathan

S.jagannathan was the governor of India, he was the 10th governor of Reserve Bank Of India.He served as governor from 1970 to 1975, also S.Jagannathan was a member of the Indian Civil Service, and had served with the Central Government, he was India's Executive Director at the World Bank.

Indian rupee notes of 5,20 and 50 denomination were introduced, and these bore his signature.But collector are only interested in five rupee note of 5 deer,Two different types of notes are available in market 4 deer & 5 deer.4 deer of  five rupee are much available in market, Some fraud people are tried converted  from 4 to 3 deer of  five rupees notes & tried to sell it, so be aware because at the time of  Governor S.jagannathan  never published 3 deer of five rupee notes.Cheater are tried to sell 4 deer of five rupee note as a 3 deer so be care full.

S.Jagannathan Five rupee Note
In 1972 issued by Reserve Bank of India Published from 1 jun 1972 both two designed.
 S. jagannathan five deer notes was mostly rare so collector interested to buy it,this notes value contain 1-5 lakh.
Real original notes are having much people but they demand more then its value.Its an antiques and collector need like as a antique,but they never paid more than its value,more than its grading.
Selling can be possible if both two party having profit.

Authentication of this notes:
                                        1: Its having water mark of Ashok sthambha white portion of the area,clearly shown if you focused a torch light from back side of the note.
            2: Middle of the note carry (Five Rupee Reserve Bank Of India) with water mark.

            3: Clearly shown the five deer on the note.
            4: Must contain a silver thread on the paper.
            5:Definitely having hole on the note cause of steeple pin, at that time bundles are stapled by pins.

                                                              20 rupee S.Jagannathan

Half Chakra 20 rupee

A note of 20 Rupees singed by S.Jagannathan  was also rare Because it has a Full round shape Ashok Chakra image.The S. Jagannthan 20 Rupee Note has three design one is half Ashok Chakra ,another one is parliament image & other is full Ashok Chakra image but collector needs only one design of full Ashok Chkra 20 rupees.

We have not  image of full Ashok Chakra note but this note was similar to his other design. Just ASHOK CHAKRA was different, its price value is in between 1-8 Lakh rupees. It can be depend on the condition of the note.