Those having  supernatural power, They are usually depicted as small,
 sometimes only a few inches tall, sometimes the size of a dwarf. They also often are said to possess various   magical abilities.but peoples said its looking small like a child.
Some peoples warships those creature & used them like a slave.
Goblin has a separate master those who warships him, he was taking only master ordered.
The master what he want full fill  by the goblin but like a slave did.
Some goblin are most powerful because of their master teaching.And for that investors & financier are wants them.
Those powerful goblin did spontaneous things that can't be believe if you not seen.
Those goblin are sell if the owner,the master wants to sell,without master permission it can not be sell.
When a master take it over to new master with their warship things & warship procedure then it can be possible.

The powerful goblin doing surprised things like tell himself to by something from shops, if you lost something then he found from anywhere.He quick & fast but only the master see him but if master permission him then someone see him.

Since the goblin selling was made most money,because it did undesirable things.
Goblin are two different type one is male goblin & another is female goblin,the tester said if you have female goblin then it's better another both of them.Cause is that a male goblin is dangerous then female goblin, its sometimes did not obey ordered.

A Goblin Testing :
                          A goblin testing is need because we have to know his/her power is growing or not.
her master teach them well or not,he was doing spontaneous work or not.So we must test them through their master.
The tester said goblin must satisfied by three test then it was a good working goblin.We provide you that below .

1- Asked  the master ordered to goblin by a ticket from a railway station.
2- Before master house went you did a work,cut a notes of 5 or 10 or what you wish by two different pieces.
     Drop it a half of the notes somewhere on the way without knowing yourself means by closed your eyes and drop it somewhere.At the time of testing asked to the master ordered to goblin found half of the notes 
which you have & give to you.
3- Locked a things in a box like watch or mobile & ordered through master to goblin give to you that things .
Some of people in rural area having goblin they warships & taking advantage of them.In chatisgrah,orissa,westbengal still used the ancient tradition.

And people those hunting treasure they Knew about this,so many peoples are also consistently searching about this it's tremendous but truth.