C.D. Deshmukh 5 Rupee Notes.

                                                 Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh

This note was signed by governor C.D Deshmukh, It has money value Cause It was an antiques & its rare.
Most fake printed notes are available in market so many peoples are having cheated by most of time from cheater.

C.D. Deshmukh of five rupee Note are most valuable if all the deers are on standing position & if it was 3,5,7 deer is available on the note.Now any governor five rupee 5 dear notes are collected by collector, if it was signed by C.D Deshmukh then those are most valuable rather then other governor but all 5 deer notes are collectible.
5 Deer C.D Deshmukh note

C.D Deshmukh five rupee note having 5 different types note printed,this note having printed 3 deers,4 deers,5 deers,6 deers & 7 deers,each notes are its self different types.But only 3,5,7 printed deers notes are demanded & buyer are only interested on this.   
This note also printed without (kalash) & its decrease the value of note if their is no (kalash). If deers are on sited position then also decrease its value.  
The value of this note is depend on its condition,its uses, its having a grade the grade concerned its value.
But i tell you a five rupee note of c.d deshmukh is over then minimum of 10 lakh. maximum is
depend on its grade,
A  five rupee 5 deers note of well condition sell in bhubaneswar, orissa from 60 lakh. 

Authentication -
                        1:You have to see on the white area of the note there is a water mark of King face. 
                        2: A silver security thread was must there.
                        3: On the middle of the note (Five rupee Reserve Bank Of India) is printed by water mark.
                        4: All the notes are on that time stapled because the bundled are stapled by pin. so a two                           or more holes are must there.
                        5: The  paper was old, It never looked new.
 If it has magnetic power then it has increased its money value from plane notes.Nearer a black & white TV if TV signal is disturbed then it has magnetic power.You can apply same procedure to 3 & 7 deer Five rupee notes & authentication rule also same for other five rupee notes.  
7 Deer C.D. Deshmukh note

 Seven deer five rupee note was very rear so it was most costly then other it must carry water mark,silver thread it contains all the authentication features of above which we mention.So be care full when you went to check a C.D Deshmukh paper note.

3 Deer C.D Deshmukh note

 Three deer of Five rupee note has lower value than 5 deer & 7 deer & also if it has does not contain kalash image then its decrease its value the kalash image is printed middle of the note under 5.
it has also having grade marking the note value depend on its grade.
two different 3 deer five rupee notes are there & they carry water mark of Ashok stamha & kings face.Also sited & standing deer,But standing deer notes are collectible.
Now any Governor standing 3 deer note was collected by collector they need all governor but stranded deer.