Nag Mani Snake Pearl

                                                                        NAG MANI

The People who Hunting they said its a real,its truth,itself it present But no one can still saw it,never someone prove it's authentication.The Indian ancient myth said when a snake (only a cobra) over himself ages then he/her got a supernatural power & he was start to create a pearl with his own venom.The venom was store continuously a specific area on his mouth concentrated by a liquid which was fall from his head, continues this process was done for long time because this process having a small pinch amount amount of venom after he was over aged.

The myth says that those snakes who having pearl,they living so long their life was over then 100 years.A normal cobra lives 18-20 years but they have power for living more then a common cobra.
They lives in a unmanned Forrest in caves like a priest,they used their pearl for hunting foods & the pearl having supernatural power.The myth says a specific classified snakes got power from gods those are like priest & they can be convert their body from snake to a human when they wish,those snakes are called (ichadhari) snakes.
A (ichadhari) priest snake always lives with partner & the partner can never be changed,if someone was death between them then another must be dies.Most of country in the world worship cobra,in India people believe him & warships him in temple,the cobra was a mostly nearest dearest slaves of god Siva(who was called destroyer of world & also starter's of world he was the only one all of universe comes from).       



1: It was looks like a small BEEN or MUTTER.
2: It not sink in water or neither floats on water,its just up & down when you put
    it into WATER.
3: In a darkest rooms its Emit light as a  little LED LIGHTS.
4: When it was EMITTING LIGHT in the DARKEST ROOM at that time,if you clapped than its off & slowly  keep Glowing  Increase its  EMITTING LIGHT.

Overall  we knew this was so costly and reared piece.
People who knew something about it then please tell me something more,if you wants to know something then you can also ask me frankly.