C.D.Deshmukh 100 Rupee note(East Indian Company).

                                                 Chintaman Dwarakanath Deshmukh
C.D Deshmukh was the first Indian governor  of the Reserve Bank Of India by the East India Company from 1943 to 1950.He was served as a Finance minister in the union cabinet from 1950 to 1956.And also served a Vice-Chancellor of University of Delhi from 1962 to 1967.
During the war the high quality forgeries are done in Indian currency, Since at that time first time introduced  a change in the watermark and obverse design from the profile portrait of George VI to his full frontal portrait. As an added security feature, the security thread.  
At that time the existing Currency Offices in Calcutta, Bombay, Madras, Rangoon, Karachi, Lahore and Cawnpore became the branches of the Issue Department of the Bank. Since different issue are made by Reserve Bank of India but maximum collectors interested most of time for Calcutta & Bombay issues.
100 Rupee C.D. Deshmukh Note Bombay Issued

C.D Deshmukh 100 rupee note was very rare now. Buyer give for this note corer rupees.
A note was sell from chatishgrah was 40 lakh.
Same note sell from deograh dist in orissa was sell by 15 to 20 lakh these information was came from a unknown person so how much worth is that is unknown. But its selling is truth because after selling of these note those person whom are attached with this deal they are grower by their status.   

So such things are happen the deal was done & information was hided but most of time people are want cheat.In my exp" i never seen a real authentic note by seller every time when i went to seller they shown a fake note before they shown the note they demand a lakh of money they are just a fraud cheater but if you unknown by authentication then you face trouble because these cheater are sell by some of small amount.
A note 5 rupee of C.D Deshmukh was just sell by this process the cheater sell that note with some of just 30 thousand that was a fake note a unawareness person buy that cause he just see the note have radium light but he was not knew that it was a common tricked by faked note seller.
Since you have to aware first what you need what you hunt never you surprised,get so much information.

This note was signed by governor C.D Deshmukh.
It is valuable Cause It was an antiques.
Most fake & printed notes are available in market but no one have original piece.
The unawareness people they're unknowns by originality of this note.They bye this by gain some money & after that they're facing selling trouble.

Authentication -1:You have to see on the white area of the note there is a water mark of King face.  
                        2: A silver security thread was of  'U' shape is there.
                        3: On the middle of the note (Hundred rupee Reserve Bank Of India) is printed by water
                        4: All the notes are on that time stapled because the bundled are stapled by pin. so a two or 
                            more holes are must there.
                       5: The  paper was old, It never looked new.

Some of C.D Deshmukh 100 rupee note have different power if a note nearer to a running black & white TV then the running Channel was disturbed, like when a mobile phone nearer to TV then channel was disturbed same things are done by a note but the TV must a black & white.
These types of notes take advantages & increase their value,the buyer mostly interested on those notes.
The same thing was ruled over 5 & 10 rupee note